girl i was singing sad songs and i was scatting sentimental tunes

i was crazy and lonely cause i had been abused

and i was scared and broke suddenly i had no revenue

but then I saw baldy baldy with the beard


gimme bautista

i’ll take drax over drake

and aquaman aint got nothing on my new tatted up bae

i got a low key crush if only he would look my way

i want baldy 

baldy with the beard


mr. clean should let me know when he needs a new shave

and I’ll hold the bar and help him stretch when his muscles ache

and when he’s bulking i’ll make his favorite protein shake

and i wont forget the yogurt

i bet he likes full fat

girl he can get it

tell sinbad I’m wit it

i might have to go get it

i want 6.5 and fit

yeah girl im lit

cause sinbad’s a hit

i said now sister ooooo

and he likes nerdy girls too

hey excuse me. i know you don't me and i don't mean to creepy but i see you in the gym every saturday morning and i noticed that you always get the chocolate peanut butter protein shake. well its my favorite too. i know girls dont usually do this but i was wondering if you would like to have a drink with me sometime. we can just chill or go for a walk. there's this awesome trail by my apartment and if we go in the evening, then we can watch the fireflies. it's like christmas in july. like christmas in july.