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red satin #5

hung hollowed heart handsome with a dimpled chin
french maid at the asheville bed and breakfast inn
coconut oil glistened on amber skin
i sipped on basil grapefruit martinis with gin
i walked on treadmills and didn't eat so i could stay thin
i prayed you'd marry me so grandmother could move in
but i never got to naples rome or berlin
i saw you at my show with that girl who looked like my twin

so i give you guilt of an unforgivable sin
cause only blonde bitches get to suck dick in aspen

cause i only find relief when i sing a gerswhin
it's after midnight when the madness begins
the pain of true love lost never to be found again
now i sing sunny's swayin sad violins
blue ballads and crying mandolins
niggas say I'm just an old white dude's has-been
cats in the 50s think 35 is still a ten
so this album is about to be my lotto scatch off and win
let me sing billie's blues

i'll wear the tight red satin

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