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i am worthy would not be possible without the ongoing contributions from the following people. join the list and show your support.

jo's mommy and grandmommy 

doug largent

nancy largent 

jessica largent

dr. morgan harris

zsolt david 

joe macphail 

jason merritt

russell favret 

ernest turner

ernie donadelle

alex maness

henriette marron

john stone jr.

terry dimmick

rob ladd

nat smith

brent lambert

nccu csb professors and classmates

alexis harrison  

tim prentice

dena bland

eric norwood  


stefan waldschmidt

robin smith

tim prentice

richard valcourt 

sarah blanchard

myron mcneil

brian parks

michael fennell

michael jones

scott pilukaitis

janet oliver

seth wines 

christopher denny

javier perez

brent davis 

megan clement

sam newby

zuri adimu 

jacob bailey

orange county rape crisis center

the compass center 

thomas wilson

dag almar hansen

gentry hobnett

billy mcdonald

ron carson

ryan theuer

steve jack

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